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     TDS Summer Camp

  Creativity * Connection * Community

Welcome to TDS Summer!

 At TDS we are uniquely qualified to provide experiences that support kids in reconnecting with the world outside their bubble. The 2020-2021 school year was hard, and our goal was to help students throughout Western Massachusetts reconnect through a community of peers through fun-filled, theme based, week-long programs. What fun we had!

, campers took advantage of:

  • In-person five day camps like art classes, improv acting classes, movie-making classes, an adventurous sports week and a whole week dediated to Super Heros!

  • Virtual week-long workshops for gaming and digital art designs

  • Specialized social skills prgrams, like our 6-week virtual at-home cooking class.

We can not wait to do it all again! Check back in Spring, 2022 to learn more about our new summer camp options!

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