TDS Summer Camp Catalogue 2021

  Creativity * Connection * Community

Welcome to TDS Summer 2021. Let’s get reconnected!


As the world opens back up, this summer feels more full of possibilities than ever before. Our TDS summer camps have been designed to help all students in Western Massachusetts reconnect with a community of peers through fun filled, theme based, week-long camps. Long a valued resource for students with a variety of special needs, this summer TDS is opening up to all students in an effort to build socially engaging communities that give students confidence and creative opportunities. We’ve designed a brand new range of summer experiences for 2021 from sports and games, theater and improvisation, video production and video game design, visual arts, martial arts and more!


At TDS we are uniquely qualified to provide camp experiences that support kids in reconnecting to the world outside their bubbles. This summer we’ll be offering:

  • In-person five day camps meeting daily for 2-3 hours

  • Virtual week-long camps for gaming and digital art designs

  • Both online and in person social skill-building groups and clinical programming for special needs students

Right now we could all use a little help remembering how positive it can be learning something new with a group of friends. And we could certainly all use a little FUN. 


TDS can make that happen and we look forward to seeing you!

 In-Person Summer Camps

Location: Aikido of Amherst 

7 Pomeroy Ln, Amherst, MA 01002

COVID Protocols will be closely followed!



Session 1: Super Hero Week!

Dates: July 5-9

Time: 9:00- 12:00

Grades: K-3 (Campers will be placed in appropriate age groupings)

Cost: $150.00


This summer, we’re looking for crime fighters and caped crusaders who are ready to tackle a super week of summer fun! This group for K-2 students is designed to keep each day new and exciting: we’ll be creating our own superheroes, making masks and capes, and working together on comic books that bring our characters together! This group looks to incorporate students’ passions into creative and collaborative activities. If you love to draw, tell stories, karate chop bad guys and save the day, this is the club for you!

Session 2: Art Explosion!

Dates: July 12-16

Time: 9:00-12:00

Grades: 2-6 (Campers will be placed in appropriate age groupings)

Cost: $150.00


This week-long summer group is perfect for exploring your creative side with a giant smorgasbord of artsy fun. Each day of the week will be dedicated to a new creative arts topic. Show off your dramatic flair with acting exercises and improv games. Paint, color, draw, and expand your imagination to create stunning summer designs. Explore different music styles and dance moves as a team. Sing and dance along or just hang out. We’ll be making friends and expressing ourselves while learning fun new creative activities. If it’s art related, it’s probably happening in this group!


CANCELLED: Session 3: Make Your Summer Masterpiece! 

Dates: July 19-23

Time: 9:00-12:00

Grades: 2-6 (Campers will be placed in appropriate age groupings)

Cost $150.00


If you love drawing, painting, or expressing yourself with new art techniques, this week-long group will help you make your summer masterpiece! We’ll experiment with different kinds of styles like collage, paint dotting, water colors, tie dye, and more. We’ll learn how artists help each other with feedback, collaborate together on creative projects, and make their ideas come to life with bright colors and summer inspiration! Through the week we’ll incorporate both solo work and ongoing collaborative projects.


CANCELLED: Mindful Movement through Martial Arts 

Session 5: Extra - Ordinary Sports Adventures 

Dates: July 26-30

Time: 9:00-12:00

Grades: 3-6

Cost: $150.00


Get ready to get moving with the most action-packed club of the summer! Every day we’ll get hands-on with a new sport you probably haven’t tried yet...we’ll juggle, do extreme yo-yo, and play ultimate frisbee. We’ll learn Swedish wood tossing games, make our own hacky sacks, and launch catapults! By learning about all these weird and wonderful sports, we’ll get socially reconnected while staying active, goofy and curious. It’s the perfect way to make this summer one you’ll never forget!

Session 6: Summer of Improv: Sharing Laughs, Language and Life Experiences 

Dates: August 2-6

Time: 9:00-12:00

Grades: Now Open for All Ages!!

Cost: $150.00


Make it funny! Make it crazy!! Make it up!!! This theater and improvisation class is designed to find the fun in every moment while building each student’s self-esteem and quick-thinking abilities. You’ll learn to think on your feet and create hilarious scenes, build listening skills, and problem solve with a TEAM. We’ll act out scenes, play improv games, and get to know each other while getting our bodies moving. Through the week, we’ll have each other’s backs as we experiment and push ourselves socially and creatively. All goofballs welcome!


Session 7: Movie Making Masters 

Dates: August 9-13

Time: 9:00-12:00

Grades: Now Open for ALL ages!! (Campers will be placed in appropriate age groupings)

Cost: $150.00


In this week-long workshop students will learn the basics of video editing and make their own movies about...well, anything! Using the free movie editing software iMovie and a Mac computer, students will learn how to import their own photos and videos, add music or voiceover, make stop motion animations and much more! We’ll learn together and share our interests over the week while completing fun filming objectives in cool locations. These movie-making skills can allow students to explore their interests in creative ways and can help everyone work on goal-setting and problem solving. So come join us and learn how to be a video editing superstar!

Note: this Summer Camp will utilize programs that are compatible with your Mac device. ***

About the Camp Location:

In-person camp sessions will take place in the studio at Aikido of Amherst. Offering a bright and open space, this studio offers ample room for movement and social distancing. The space is equipped with a new air ventilation system and is air conditioned to keep everyone comfortable during the hot summer months. We are so excited to partner with Aikido of Amherst this summer!

Every camper should arrive at camp wearing a mask and bring:

  • an extra mask 

  • water bottle (water will also be provided)

  • a favorite snack

Register here!


These sessions will take place online. Opportunities for in person can be made

available upon request.


Session 1: Artificial Intelligence Art Club 

Dates: July 19-23

Time: 1:00-3:00

Grades: 3-5 (We have flexibility with grade leveling so if you are interested just ask us!)

Cost: $120.00


This summer, have fun exploring the world’s coolest new technology with our AI middle school art club! We’ll learn about brand new websites and tools that let us draw, tell stories, and make games, all with the help of AI machines. We’ll have creative challenges throughout the week that help us invent characters and animal companions, make board games with pictures we’ve made, and learn more about computers in a fun and cutting edge group. This week is perfect if you love technology but still want to get goofy and have some creative fun with new friends!


Session 2: Characters and Stories With AI

Dates: July 26-30 

Time: 1:00-3:00

Grades: Now Open for ALL ages!! (We have flexibility with grade leveling so if you are interested just ask us!)

Cost: $120.00


Are you interested in making art with computers? Do think about making your own stories, video games, or characters? Come join our brand new Artificial Intelligence workshop, where we’ll explore all the ways AI can help your creativity come to life! We’ll explore easy to use tools that let us make faces for characters, design landscapes, and tell short stories about our invented worlds all with AI! We’ll incorporate feedback from our fellow designers and discuss our creative thoughts with a supportive community. Absolutely no coding or technical experience required, but you SHOULD be ready to learn how computers can extend your imagination. 

Session 3: Minecraft Expeditions

Dates: August 2-6

Time: 1:00-3:00

Grades: Open for ALL ages!! We have flexibility with grade leveling so if you are interested just ask us!

Cost: $120.00


We’re putting together a team to explore, build, battle, and invent in Minecraft! Each day we’ll make a plan for our local minecraft server: sending small teams on expeditions, designing large group projects, and showing each other tips and tricks. Players who are new to Minecraft will get help from our group of veteran video game adventurers. We’ll let our interests guide us as we explore, but we’ll also work towards a shared goal and have to think about time management, staying focused, and brainstorming as a team. 

Registration found at this link:

Specialized Social Skills Programs for Summer 2021


Six week programs from July 5th to August 13


Session 1: Cooking with Kyle and Cassie - Virtual from Your home in YOUR Kitchen!

Dates: Thursdays, July 8-August 19th

Time: 1:00- 3:00

Grades: Middle and High School

Cost: Please contact us for costs as we base this on the level of support your student needs.


This special cooking class is designed for middle school/high school age students with special needs who are interested in exploring the art of cooking. 


This 7-week summer program will feature a fun new interactive cooking recipe every week! We’ll provide students with a functional hands-on experience as they cook in their own kitchen. Interactive cooking demos with pre-teaching and video modeling will provide clear explanations about simple ingredients, measuring liquids and powders, and how to work patiently and joyfully in the kitchen. Students are welcome to simply observe and learn, but they are encouraged to set up their devices in their kitchen at home to follow along with instructors and peer mentors. This can be a fun activity for siblings and family to do together as they support a family member with learning differences. Once we prepare our meals, we will have a virtual “sit down” and chat about the experience, what we learned, and all the ways food can bring people together!