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Social Emotional Educators (SEE)  is a team of Educators, Speech Language Pathologists and counselors who have created materials based on our work in our clinical lab at TDS Center for Communication and Social Learning . We wanted to share our successful strategies far and wide so...SEE was born!


We work collaboratively to bring you helpful information and functional materials for small group instruction and classroom approaches to Social Emotional Learning.  We are committed to being your clearinghouse for all things SEL!


We believe that compassion, collaboration, patience and calm can transform a classroom and we are here to help you do just that!

We believe that working together as a community lifts each of us up and inspires us to keep going! Sharing ideas, our wisdom and our enthusiasm for Social Emotional Learning can only lead to this world being better, kinder and more accepting.

Let’s get started helping each other and “SEEingthe GREAT in every kid”

 Every. Single. One.

Check out Our Teachers Pay Teachers (click here) store for materials supporting:

  • Easy to use SEL activities for small group as well as individualized instruction  

  • Behavior Management Strategies

  • Mindfulness Scripts, activities and materials

  • You ROCK! Our own Comprehensive Community building PBIS program

Check us out on Social Media for: 

  • Building your SEL knowledge and connecting to a vibrant community!

  • Daily words of encouragement

  • Instructional Videos

  • SEL Strategies 

  • Links to current Research related to Best Practices, Evaluation, and current trends in social emotional learning

  • Collaboration with other tremendous educators from across the world!

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