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Creating Compassionate Classrooms

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Products for Your School


The Acting with Purpose Social Emotional Learning curriculum comprises activities developed in small group social skills programs in our TDS clinics. After several years of success using these theater games, perspective taking exercises, guided discussions and mindfulness activities with our students and families, we decided to codify this clinical work into a curriculum for use by other professionals, including classroom teachers and school counselors as well as other clinicians. The Acting with Purpose SEL curriculum is the result of that work.


We formed Positive Learning Communities with the expressed intention to deliver these beautiful, engaging, teacher-friendly materials to individuals, schools and districts, along with professional development around social emotional teaching and learning and the implementation of Acting with Purpose and other PLC products.


For more informations on:


  • Acting with Purpose Level 1 (K-2)

  • Acting \with Purpose Level 2  (3-5)

  • Mindfulness card packs

  • Be Your Best Self Poster sets


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