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“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

~ Mahatma Ghandi

As a company of dedicated professionals, our ongoing mission is to help each client achieve greater quality in their everyday lives by improving communication skills. By sharing our process with families and caregivers, we are able to build on existing strengths and provide ready instruction and focused support for each client. In this way, we address specific areas of need, allowing us to work collaboratively with families, school districts, and other professionals to create feelings of success for each individual.

​Our talented and caring team of therapists has a wide range and depth of diagnostic and therapeutic experience that magnifies our ability to address all aspects of our clients’ needs. Compassion, smarts, and openness define who we are and how we operate. 

​TDS is unique in a number of ways. We believe strongly in the power of community and inclusion. We pride ourselves on the close relationships we develop with families, and we look at each client as a person with strengths as well as needs. We believe that communication skills must be addressed, encouraged, and reinforced in all environments. A key aspect of our success is a dedication to building a family’s understanding of, and guiding their participation in, our clinical processes so they can encourage, advocate, and feel empowered throughout the entire therapy process. We are a community of engaged learners and believe we can find solutions together!

We believe that consultation among colleagues is of great benefit to our clients. We have worked hard to develop strong relationships beyond our offices by maintaining collaborative and open communication with classroom educators, special education support staff, school administrators, behavior specialists, counselors, therapists, and medical professionals in the surrounding area. We believe our reputation to be one of clinical excellence as well as personal and professional integrity. We are enormously proud of what we do.


​After many years of successful and satisfying work, we are confident that we can help your family, your student, your client to find their voice and live their best lives. We are here to help, to listen, to collaborate, and to celebrate.

Join us! We are a pretty great place to be.

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